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About Fulltime

Fulltime ApS is the Danish branch of Fulltime HK Ltd, which is a professional producer of all sorts of bags. We have been trading since 1995, supplying retail stores in Europe with accessories. We run a low-cost operation, with rawmaterial suppliers which are amongst the very best in China, due to their flexability and ability to change, when the market demands.

In the past few years, our customer base has been extended also to supply gift items direct to companies and corporations, who are using personal merchandise with own logo, either for marketing purposes, events, sponsorships or as gifts to employers. This market is growing, and with the large quantities of goods produced for retail stores, we can backup orders of smaller sizes to companies who wishes to add a nice bag in their marketing. Our production capacity is 250.000 bags each month. We supply fashion brands  as well as sportsbrands  in Europe.  The gift item part is yet growing and will be extended further.

Code of Conduct


We are producing according to  R E A C H, and we live up to our clients audits within our factories. We treat our employers with respect. After all, they are the reason for our succes. Producing under R E A C H  means, that our products can pass tests required to enter into the EU. please read further on


It is our duty to produce correctly. It is YOUR duty to ensure, that your suppliers are producing under  R E A C H.  very few suppliers actually knows what it means, or they cower up with fake labtests. Illegal ingredients in clothing or accessories can cause damage to consumers, not to mention the disaster for the company itself in terms of extrem badwill.

Fulltime suggests that you focus on your suppliers ability to produce correctly.


We are proud of our products and we are proud of our costumers. Therefore our aim is to become the very best supplier in Europe in terms of CSR, service, quality, price, design and prompt deliveries.

Costumers own designs

We can create the exact specific design, that you require. Either you describe your wishes or we come up with suggestions for you to choose from. We have skilled designers both in Europe and China, who are ready to help. We have in our collection thousands of styles, which can be chosen from for inspiration.

Orders and production

After a confirmationsample has been confirmed, a deposit has to be paid or raised. Production will then be effected. A productionsample will be send to you for approval and production will then be carried out. Normal productiontime is 6 weeks after confirmation. After production balance payment will have to be made against Bill of Lading. 

We can supply, landed in Europe or Fob China. If we supply landed, the deliverytime will increase app 5 weeks, if shipment is a Full load container.


Denmark Branch:

Fulltime ApS

Kongens Tvaervej 5  -  2000 Frederiksberg – Denmark

mail: mtl@fulltime.dk    ph +45 2913 2462

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